Episode 65 – Dealing With Bullying – Part 2

I wish I could stop all bad things in life from happening to my kids. I can’t.  Neither can you.

Bullies are one of those bad things.  I can’t stop my kids from coming in contact with bullies, but I can stop them from being overwhelmed by the experience.  Bullying cannot be completely stopped, but I can stop bullies from destroying my family.

Bullies Exist

That is a sad reality, I know. In this episode I want to follow up on our discussion from last week.

I want to give you some thoughts and strategies to protect your children.  Some of the strategies may seem old fashioned.  That’s okay.  Sometimes the best ideas are the oldest ones.

We will also discuss the kind of environment you can create in your home to protect and prepare your kids for life.

I would welcome your feedback and your thoughts.  Please take a moment and share this episode and leave a comment.  Thanks!

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