Episode 67 – Money Matters / Part 1

Money matters to all of us

MoneyI am a spender.  I have been a spender for as long as I can remember.

Experts say that there are only two kinds of people when it come stop money: spenders and savers.

I married a saver; something the experts also say happens.

Money mattered to me, and to my spouse.  The problem was, we approached the subject from two different points of view.

Hers was like a nice safe walk in the park.

Mine was like bungie jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. And I liked it.  Most of the time.

Money masters

Money will either master you, or you will master it.  The question is whether you have a plan for your income, and are focused on the important things.

I didn’t have a plan, and I wasn’t focused on what was important.

Then things started to change.  Circumstances arose in my life which forced me to take a look at how I was managing my resources.

Today, things are headed in a good direction.  I am still a spender.  My wife is still a saver.  However, I would classify myself as a rehabilitated spender.  Or, maybe I am a spending saver.

In this episode I will share some of my story with you.  I hope it encourages you to take charge of your finances this year.  Let me know if I can help!

Resources mentioned in this episode

Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar Budgeting Tool

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