Episode 68 – Money Matters/ Part 2

Money Matters for Kids

It is never too soon to teach kids Moneyabout handling money.  My job as a dad is to train financial managers.  Well…at least it is to train my kids to handle their money responsibly.

What better time for our kids to learn sound financial principles then while they are living under our roof?

Mistakes are Great Teachers

Giving our kids a chance to make mistakes, and experience a little pain is good for them.  Many of us learned the hard way that loose spending causes great difficulties.

Collections, mounting debts, and financial strain are all things we should want to keep from our children.  Money failures in a “controlled” environment may help them to be prepared for the bigger challenges of life.

In this episode I talk about the process my wife and I are using with our kids.  You don’t have to do it our way, but maybe you can find some ideas that can help you in your family.

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