Adoption Resources

Recommended Adoption Books

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Pretty much a standard if you are considering or going through the process of adoption.




 This is a pretty open, raw look at the pain, cost, and blessing of adoption and foster care.




 Adoption is a huge decision.  This book will give you some of the information you need to make sure you are informed about what you are getting involved in. 




Recommended Adoption Providers and  Supporters

Recommended Adoption Providers

  1. Lifeline Children’s Services  – This was the adoption provider that we used.  If you are a Christian, looking to adopt either internationally or domestically, we heartily recommend Lifeline.  Call them today and get some information.  Check them out on:

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  2. Bethany Christian Services – We did not use this agency, but they are highly rated, and worth checking out.

If you have any experience with other agencies, please feel free to contact  me and make a suggestion.  I would be glad to check them out and list them here.

Recommended Adoption Grant Agencies

  1. Show Hope – This is the organization started by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman.  We were blessed to receive a sizable grant from this organization and we are forever grateful.
  2. Lifesong for Orphans – This agency offers the opportunity to apply for grants and interest free adoption loans.  Very easy to work with once you are approved.
  3. JCS Foundation – Very generous foundation if your application is approved.  Everything is done online and there are no phone numbers listed until you are approved.  Definitely a legit organization.

Website for Additional Grant and Fundraising Ideas. – This link is to a site we used extensively to find additional grant organizations.  I have linked to it here, rather than duplicating the entire list.