Movie Recommendations

Here is a list of movies I recommend for dads.  I have chosen these movies because of the principles they teach.  There are a lot of great movies out there.  I hope you enjoy these. Click on the picture to rent or purchase from Amazon

Disclosure: I have included links to the Amazon page for these movies.  Should you use that link and purchase or rent one of these movies, I will receive a small kickback from Amazon. This does not affect your price in any way, but is a small way you can support the work we do on our podcast and this website.  So thanks in advance for your support.

Little Boy

I love this movie!  I watched this movie with my children. It is the story of a dads impact on his sons.  Though the movie surrounds World War II in the Pacific Theatre.  The title is a play on words that applies both to one of the main characters, and one of the bombs dropped on Japan.  There is some pretty intense stuff in this movie, so use your discretion when watching it with your younger kids.  The ending on this one is a heart-wrencher.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This is a classic.  As dad movies go, this is one of the best.  I am a sucker for any movie where the man takes a stand for what he thinks is right, even when his own family doesn’t understand.  This is one of those movies. Again, its a classic, but if you haven’t seen it, or haven’t watched in a while.  I recommend it.

A Man Called Peter

This movie is definitely more on the religious side of things, but it is a good one!  I can’t believe I just watched this for the first time this year.  As a minister myself, this one had a certain connection for me, but again, it is the story of a man with a cause, who followed that cause, and overcame.  It is also the story of a man who was very influential in a very difficult time in our nation’s history.  Give it a try.

Sergeant York

What is not to like about Sergeant York!  It is a classic Gary Cooper movie, and one that should be in the library of every guy.  This man was a true American Hero.  He had to deal with many of the same conflicting beliefs about war and faith that people still face today.  Trust me. This is a good one.

No Time For Sergeants

Many people only know Andy Griffith from the Andy Griffith show.  If you have never seen him in No Time For Sergeants then you are in for a treat.  If you like corny, down home, war time humor; then this one is for you. If you are not sure you want to purchase it, then rent it from Amazon for a few bucks and enjoy some good laughs.  This is one you can watch with your kids.  Mine laugh all the way through!